The Censorship Chill [cr-95/10/14]


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At 2:04 AM 10/14/95, Cyber Rights wrote:
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>Here's an example of The Censorship Chill causing a business to shut down
>its many-to-many communcation forum.

I'm sorry, but I see this as a RESPONSIBLE company VOLUENTARILY policing
themselves.  It is "Nintendo" afterall, and their target market IS kids.
It is actually fine organizations like this, that do take the
responsibility to police themselves, which will keep the govt's fingers out
of it.

I run several game support mailing lists.  If porn, or information about
porn, were to start being posted, I would start kicking people off.  While
the market for our games is quite a bit older than Nintiendo, there are
enough minors subscribed to the list that it would be a problem.


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
  - Benjamin Franklin

Doug Walker
Atomic Games

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