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Allan Bradley wrote:

>The main difference is that the Internet is software based (TCP/IP)
>and therefore highly programmable - the drawback is that it is slow
>and unpredictable (jerky video) [snip]

A couple suggestions for dealing with jerky video:
1) Buffer the video stream in the recipient's machine.
2) Reduce the demand for Dumb and Dumber movies.

>My concern is that schools, public services, city communities may get the
>short end of the stick, because it is a distribution bandwidth market and
>they need cheap bandwidth and that could lower market margins.  The
>investment in these technologies today is very high.  The problem is that
>regulations need to include bandwidth distribution and not exclusively
>physical distribution as the basis of universal access (distribution).

I agree with the direction of this, but I would go further.  It's
wrong to view the net as just another widget to be manufactured and
sold according to market forces.  Efficiency, pace of progress,
profitability, etc. shouldn't be the overriding concerns.  The net
can be too important for education (K thru grave) and democracy,
which are considered by many to be human rights, for it to be
analyzed with market tunnel vision.

Also, when you talk about who should be protected from getting the
short end of the stick, don't leave out the populace at large.

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