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from organisation: Swedish Council for Pluralism in the Media and Tel: 46-8-405 
Introduction to the ISPO discussion list:


The Swedish Council for Pluralism in the Media is a Government
appointed Committee charged with the task of protecting freedom of
expression by surveying, analysing and describing the media structure
with particular empahsis on problems caused by concentration of
ownership or influence over the media.  The Council should submit
proposals to this end, either by studying possibilities of voluntary
agreements, legislation or other means available. The Council should
submit a report on its work before the end of this term of Parliament
(spring 1998). It will also participate in the public debate on these
issues by publishing studies, arranging seminars etc. It should also
cooperate with other bodies interested in the same problems. The
Council is the correspondent to the Media Concentration and Pluralism
Committee of the Council of Europe (MMCM).


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