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i really thought that was funny.  nothing even close to that will happen to
anyone in 1999, though.  every company who can will provide everything, and
you will probably have to have a button for all telecomm services, no looping
out through the entire system just to get back to your local node.

if i were a true paranoid, i would likely say that all calls to rivals would
be blocked, after all, "if you're with us, then calling them wouldn't get you
service.  it would be less convenient for you.  unless, of course, you're
thinking of . . . defecting!  and if so, we just wouldn't want to waste
bandwidth on that type of thing . . . not too expedient and all that . . . "
 hmmm . . . you know what, they really could get away with that!  especially
in light of what one certain computer company got away with!  if apple were
to die, it would stumble over to a sundial and point to the "w" and the "s",
Which From Your Point Of View Spelled Out The Initials Of, well, you get the
idea.  but apple will not be dying.  merging, perhaps.



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