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In discussing whether telecom should be deregulated, and how, I would not
like to get stuck on whether congressmen took bribes (it amazes me to see
so much consensus on the list that they did, yet the supposedly liberal
media says nothing? In India, we think we have lots more corruption, yet
ministers, even a state governer, are getting sacked for relatively far
smaller matters -- just an aside).

There was in fact a suggestion that we should not take the present
legislation as a given, and fight for something better. Fine. so let me ask:

1) Do many on this list join Richard in favoring going back to the state
of affairs we had prior to this legislation? Craig pointed out all sorts
of flaws in that, including a judge making a career of ordering AT&T
about. I personally feel that technological developments needed to be
addressed, and while the telecom deregulation act may have done this
badly, at least it was an attempt.

So, if the answer to this question is yes, we needed some degree of
deregulation, the next question becomes:

2) Exactly how would you have gone about deregulating telecom? What parts
of the new law would you keep, what would you replace, and with what?

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