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> (Note from moderator: someone is planning this, so I guess it will
> happen, but I haven't seen any real discussion of it anywhere.--Andy)
> The Electronic Freedom March on Washington, currently scheduled for June 
> 30th, 1996, has been re-scheduled to the fall, tentatively the weekend of 
> 28-29 September.

I'm sorry to be complaining again but it's hard to have faith in a march
when the first we hear of it, we're hearing that the date's switched.

Worse is Washington DC as the central target.  If we were a civil rights
group, or a million black men, OK.  Considering our demographics, we'd
do better to have a distributed march, all convening at our congressperson's
office.  At least I'd love to march in front of Anna Eshoo's classy little
office in downtown Paly Alty.

Also, I wonder if the planners considered the weather.  Late August might
have been more practical.

I *hate* saying this because I don't want to cast any hex on any effort
for rights.  But we have to pull ourselves together here somehow.
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