Re: Scientology causes seizure of FACTNet system [cr-95/8/25]


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On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Cyber Rights wrote:

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> In fact, the greatest danger to the list is in the unwitting bias his
> recent post betrays: America is the only place where the 'Net must be
> discussed, and everyone must always be perfectly correct. Humanity,
> Vigdor, is a pretty sloppy species, and most of it is outside your
> geographical bailiwick -- try to live with it nevertheless. 8-)

  This is bizarre.  I greatly value the opportunity to speak with
individuals with a perspective from outside of America, gained from my
residence outside of the continental US for 25 years of my life.  Wherever
YVES has found the contrary perception came from no thoughts, words, or
actions that are mine in any remote sense.

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Subject: Re: Re: Scientology causes seizure of FACTNet system [cr-95/8/25]

In your message dated Tuesday 5, September 1995 you wrote :
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> Andy,
> I don't want to bore anyone by reposting that long exchange of
yours, but
> here are two short reactions, hoping the context remains clear:
> 1. Whatever Vigdor thinks, cyber-rights is not only for Americans, I
> hope. Richard, Arun and I, from our respective continents, certainly
> take strong exception to this view.

And you're not the only ones. I was so furious I decided not to put
fingers to keys until I'd calmed down. It's so typically yank to put
everything in terms of america. Grrrr.

Anyway, thanks for saying what needed to be said.

tbt - who doesn't give a rat's if the majority on this list are or are
not yanks, there's a whole rest of the world out here and the sooner
most yanks realise it, the better off they'll be.


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