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Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 01:53:14 -0700
From: Matt York <•••@••.•••>
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At 06:45 PM 9/4/95 +0100,Richard K. Moore wrote:
> At the request of the Information Society Quarterly, I've written a
> 10-page article analyzing PFF's "Magna Carta".  I believe this is
> directly relevant to the issue of "NII ownership".  I'd like to
> include here a summary of the article, and hope you find it of
> interest.

Very good!!!
Is the entire article available?

Here in the states people are entirely out of touch with the sacrifices
of freedom that come along with an infrastructure that is controlled by
too few profit seekers. You are correct when you say site the robber-
baron capitalism of the late nineteenth century, when railroad, oil,
and steel monopolies ran roughshod over America's economy and political
system. But there seems to be too little of this in the press today.
What I have found interesting is the origin of the concept of "common
carriage", which I believe has roots in your part of the world. If
Americans could understand the abuses that the "canal barons" placed
upon the people, perhaps they'd have a deeper appreciation of where it
seems we may be headed. I haven't been able to find too much on the
origination of common carriage.

Matt York


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