Telecom regulation and censorship [cr-95/9/5]


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Action is heating up again around the major cyber-rights issue of the
day in the U.S.--the telecommunications reform acts passed by the two
houses of Congress, and in particular the censorship provisions.

First out (since Congressional recess) with a strategy for fighting
the censorship provisions is the Voters Telecommunications Watch, who
have a letter that they are trying to get signed by businesses that
make their living on the Internet--service providers, BBS owners, Web
designers, and consultants.  They even suggest (although I'm not so
sure) that the letter is appropriate to company that advertise on the

Everybody on this list has an Internet service provider, and many of
you are connected to other relevant organizations (or at least live in
areas with these organizations).  I have chosen not to post the long
VTW alert here, but if you are interested in promoting this campaign,
get their letter by sending mail to •••@••.••• with "send
cdaletter" in the Subject line.  The letter is also at the URL:


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