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When he takes the time, Richard's writing is always compelling in
debunking the ideas of monopoly capitalism.  The only defense against this
plague on our lives, however, is democracy: empowerment of the individual
and collective action to restrain corporate abuse of power supported by an
appropriate infrastructure design.  Nevertheless, this is a remedy that
seems to be the sticking place on this list and elsewhere.  People seem to
be hopelessly stuck in the old self-interest, marketplace, monopoly
capitalist ideology, which is destroying the democraic mission and
drowning the whole civilization in inequities, misery, and violence
without end.

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On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Richard K. Moore wrote:

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> At the request of the Information Society Quarterly, I've written a 10-page
> article analyzing PFF's "Magna Carta".  This article is much improved over
> the Magna Carta critique I published early this year, and which was one of
> the primary threads leading to the establishment of the cyber-rights
> campaign.
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