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>Well, we knew this was coming.  I think it lends more urgency ideas
>such as Brock Meeks' concept of a cyber users' group.  It is my
>understanding that some in the FCC are bound and determined to
>regulate the Internet.  But they will have to put out a Notice of
>Inquiry (NOI) first, and later a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
>(NPRM).  Now is the time to start thinking about a strategy and
>formulating comments for the FCC in the event they do decide to begin
>these processes.
>In addition, as Brock reports, there is a strand of thinking within
>the Commission that ISPs ought to be paying a "fair" rate to use
>local exchange facilities and services, hence the discussion of the
>dreaded "modem tax."

Do you think they are getting ready to jump the gun on this one? I do
considering the Telecommunictions giant AT&T has stepped into the IP
dealing...Just talked to a Technician last week at AT&T World Net Service
....according to AT&T here are the details.
  $19.95 Unlimited...No connect fee...World wide 800 access @ $0.07
min....Guaranteed no Busy lines and virtually no disconnects... They are
going to allow you to even have the service charged to your AT&T phone bill.
 In a nut shell...AT&T is proably corner the market and put a big squeez on
the other internet services...I think they are just preparing to make a
bundle on the "modem tax"
 Hey who pays in the long run...we do...just another way to take our hard
earned money


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