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>AT&T is proably corner the market and put a big squeez on
>the other internet services

Remember when AT&T first entered the PC clone market? Everybody figured
they could take it over because of their deep pockets, but their offering
went the way of the TI Professional and most of the other clones. Remember
when people thought Microsoft Network would put AOL and CompuServe out of

AT&T is an upstart. They have to offer an attractive startup package in
order to bootstrap the service, but their market share is currently 0% and
there is no way that they are going to "corner the market" so long as it
remains essentially unregulated. Some people will panic over AT&T's entry
announcements just as people panicked over Microsoft's entry announcement.
But we need to adopt a  wait-and-see attitude if we're going to avoid
running around like Chicken Little. AT&T is just one more player in the
game, and it's getting interesting.

Glen Raphael
(who wonders when Sprint and MCI will jump into the fray...)

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