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Arun Metha wrote:
>Are you suggesting that large numbers of US Congressmen and President
>Clinton were "bought", and that is why they voted for telecom
>Don't you think there might be a less sinister explanation? That they
>thought deregulation would lead to greater competition which might be
>better for the users on account of lower prices?

Well, the political contributions are a matter of public record.  And
prices are going up even as costs are going down.

There's nothing sinister about it -- it's politics!

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thank you to mr top-dog beauracrat for the background on the bill's evolution
and eventual passage.  to mr mehta, i must disagree.  i think it unlikely
that someone paid a great deal would not at least suddenly become *quite*
knowledgeable as to their sponsor's political leanings.  when someone votes
for a bill that clearly needs psychiatric help, without saying that it was on
moral grounds, they must have a reason.  the contributions just fit too well.
 come on, polititions are bought all the time.  (yes, they are!)

could you post that list of telecomm bribes, mr executive director.  and mr
mehta, what of your own local issues?



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