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Please join a public independent adjunct to CPSR's cyber-rights list,
not sponsored by CPSR, •••@••.•••, whose purpose is to
facilitate working together as a group to find and implement plans to
sway public opinion to the cause of cyber rights.  This new list:

* Will never come down except for technical repairs, if necessary.
* Is open to everyone.
* Is unmoderated.
* Is eVoted.
* Has two starting rules:

1.  Anyone deemed disruptive to online cooperative process, or not
    aligned with our stated purpose, either by his own admission or
    by 3:1 agreement of the list's voters, will have his subscription 
    to the list suspended for one month.

2.  Polls must be "public", meaning we can see how each other votes.
    A poll must be open for voting for a minimum of 2 weeks before a
    decision is taken.  Decisions of the group require a 3:1 agreement
    of the voters.

To subscribe, send a message, no subject line is necessary, to:
•••@••.•••.  Your message should say:

subscribe cr

Please repost as appropriate.
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