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> Update from moderator:
> It's important to hear good news every once in a while.  Many will
> remember how a Bulletin Board Operator in Arizona, Lorne Shantz, was
> arrested this past May because somebody had uploaded pornography to
> his bulletin board without his knowledge.  The Grand Jury has just
> refused to indict him, so the case has been dropped.

But will his job be ordered restored and will he be awarded back pay?
My gut says no. I will bet he will now have to sue Az DPS to get his job
and pay back.

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Note from moderator:

Lorne still has a lot of trauma to overcome.  I wanted to stress the
main issue in my last mail (the good news), but this what our document
Ariz-BBS-Crackdown says about his remaining problems.

      Still undetermined is the status of Lorne's job as a State Trooper.
  On the date that the Indictment was made public, Lorne was fired from
  the position he held for approximately 14 years and all accrued
  benefits, including his pension, were forfeited.  That firing is
  presently under administrative appeal.
      Lorne will still have to repair a broken life and a new marriage
  that, unfortunately, has not yet seen peaceful times.


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