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On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Cyber Rights wrote:

> I would be interested to get information on studies, Government
> proposals, surveys, discussions in the field of media ownership,
> in the perspective of media concentration and its consequences
> for freedom of expression. We are just now publishing a
> bibliography on the subject which is going to be regularly
> updated.
> A point of specific interest is also to know about projects of
> databases or registers being established in order to keep track
> of ownership of media enterprises and changes in this structure.

Well I know of no government (States, isles, or otherwise) that catalog
this type of inofrmation. Though, I would imagine that it's available

I have written a number of article on this subject myself and those are
available at my web site (see URL below). Also, (and perhaps you already
know of these), but I don't feel that any bibliography on this subject
would be complete without references to books by Noam Chomsky, Ben
Bagdikian, Michael Parenti and Norman Soloman. They all have written
extensively on issues of media ownership and it's affect on freedom of

I hope this helps in some small way. Take care,
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