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Pointers from moderator:

In September, the Clinton Administration released a long report title
"Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure."
As I reported here, it generated a lot of controversy for being
slanted toward publishers' needs and away from the needs of users,
teachers, etc.  Now an online journal called the Computer Law Report
talks about one particular (and oft-criticized) aspect of the report,
a call for making it illegal to own equipment that could be used to
make illegal copies of ditital material.  The report is on our ftp
in the Essays directory under the name Galkin-Copyright-Protection.

Also, the message I sent yesterday about Congressional email addresses
got a lot of response.  (Remember, though, that email is generally
ignored by congresspeople.)  Seeing a demand, I have added two files
to the new Resources directory on our ftp site.  US-Congress-Contact
contains various lists I have accumulated over the past several months
on how to reach Congress.  Media-Contact contains a similar list of
contact information for newspapers, TV stations, etc. 


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