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Found this on Usenet and thought everyone who hasn't should read this.
I don't know how you all feel about conspiracy or completely unAmerican
activity like this, but I am stunned to realize the lengths the media-elite
will do ensure their interests.

Now if nothing else says that the things we see and allowed to see are
controlled by those who attempt to side with the govt who provides it with
opportunity in its own self-interest, this does. What we see is tightly
controlled and this is a great example of it. This scares the hell out of
me. How can anyone sit back and allow this travesty to continue is beyond my

10/20/95: An Ironic Reason Why You Should Oppose the Telecom Bill

Also from: Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post

Turner Broadcasting System's CNN has refused to run advertisements which
state that cable and phone rates will go up under the proposed
telecommunications bill (H.R. 1555, S. 652) now pending in Congress.

"The company has an interest in the bill" stated CNN spokesman Steve
Haworth to USA Today. Turner, as well as major stockholders Time-Warner
and TCI, have been major supporters of the telecommunications bill, which
would deregulate the cable industry and allow greater concentration of
ownership of media properties. The rejected ads state that phone and cable
rates will go up by billions of dollars, as estimated by the Consumer
Federation of America.

Public interest advocates like the Center for Media Education, Media
Access Project, Consumers Union and the Consumer Federation of America
oppose the bill precisely because it encourages this consolidation of the
media industry, which lessens the diversity of viewpoints in our national
debate, deters the free flow of information, and allows those
(increasingly fewer) people who control the media companies to stifle a
free flow of information.

CNN stated they adopted a policy of not running any ads on the
telecommunications bill "in the last 48 hours." Consumer advocates and the
long distance industry, who sponsored the ads, were surprised to find the
ads rejected, since CNN ran ads in their own interest against a 1992 law
that regulated the industry. CNN also ran ads by the long-distance
companies earlier this year against the telecommunications bill, but those
ads did not mention cable rates.


If you need more information about why you should oppose this bill (and
how you can help stop this anti-consumer, anti-competition,
anti-democratic, anti-Internet bill), check out the ad hoc Web site
against the bill at:

or send a message with the word "alert" in the subject line to:


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