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The Alliance for Public Technology (APT) is pleased to invite you to
attend our one-day Boston/Northeast Regional Meeting which is described
below.  There is no charge to attend.  Reserve your seat early by
returning the completed registration form.  Hope to see you there!  Take
care, Ruth

Ruth Holder
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                      Connecting Each to All:
              Using the Information Highway to Serve
             Community and Residential Consumer Needs

                    Friday, November 17, 1995
                           10 am to 3 pm

                    John Hancock Conference Center
                          40 Trinity Place
                        Boston, Massachusetts

The Alliance for Public Technology (APT) is a non-profit coalition of
public interest groups and individuals dedicated to fostering broad access
to affordable, usable information and communication services and

"Connecting Each to All" is an educational forum for consumers, community
organizations, policy makers, public interest advocates, industry
representatives and others concerned with using the "information highway"
to serve community and residential consumer needs.

The 10 am to 3 pm conference will feature a panel discussion on the impact
of national telecommunications policy, a luncheon address by a prominent
leader in telecommunications, a panel of application specialists, and
networking opportunities.  There is no charge to attend.

Speakers and Panelists include:

* Barbara O'Connor, APT Chair and Director of the Institute for the Study
  of Politics and Media, California State University, Sacramento

* Juanita Brooks Wade, Chief of Human Services, City of Boston

* Henry Geller, APT Board Member and Markle Foundation Fellow

* Curtiss Priest, Center for Information Technology and Society

* Miles Fidelman, Center for Civic Networking

* The Honorable Charles Crawford, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

* Peter Miller, Director of the Playing to Win Network and Co-chair of the
  Metro Boston Community-Wide Educational Information Service

* Coralee Whitcomb, Virtually Wired

* John Flores, Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications


Registration Form -- Connecting Each to All -- November 17, 1995


___ Yes, I would like a sign language interpreter

___ Yes, I would like an audio loop

___ Other needs (please explain)

Please return completed registration forms to:

Alliance for Public Technology
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Washington, DC  20005
Fax:  202/408-1134
E-mail:  •••@••.•••


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For more information, call 202/408-1403 (voice/TTY).

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