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Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996
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        Oregon ISPs stand up for your rights

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        Lotus blinks in industry/NSA crypt standoff

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Recently, something amazing happened: several Oregon Internet businesses
stood up and told potential US Senate candidates: we cannot survive
poorly thought-out Internet regulation; the Internet economy in the state
of Oregon hinges upon you making intelligent choices as a US Senator.

Here is an excerpt from the letter coordinated by VTW:

        Let this be put as plainly as possible: the Internet as a business
        platform may not survive this legislative onslaught of this US
        Senate.  To regulate a technology without understanding it is
        tantamount to playing with fire.  The next US Senator from Oregon
        must have an understanding of this technology, so that we may
        prosper as members of the Oregon business community.

The final copy of the letter is at

The letter was signed by ten Oregon Internet business, including the largest
Oregon-owned Internet Service Providers in the state.  It was presented at a
press conference in Portland at Europa Communications (
where Libertarian candidate Gene Nanni (
was invited to speak by VTW.

Great coverage of the event was provided by the Netly News at

Take a moment and thank the Internet businesses that stood up for
civil liberties by sending them a thank you for doing their part.  The
signatories are:, Craig Bell (•••@••.•••)

Europa Communications, Richard Horswell (•••@••.•••)

The Habit Cafe, John Ark (•••@••.•••)

InfoStructure, Bob Down (•••@••.•••)

One World Internetworking, Susan Hamill (•••@••.•••)

Open Door Networks, Alan Openheimer (•••@••.•••)

Pacific Online Access, Mark Nasstrom (•••@••.•••)

Sunlight Data Systems, Fred Huette (•••@••.•••)

Teleport Corp., John Moss (for Jim Deibele) (•••@••.•••)

Thurber Technology Group, Alex Thurber (•••@••.•••)



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