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Arun Mehta

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996, Richard K. Moore wrote:

> Far from limiting their horizons to protecting voice tariffs, the telcos
> (& cables) are grabbing the future with both hands.  With their Reform Act,
> they are setting down ground rules for the development of cyberspace which
> will allow them to control and exploit the media revolution.  And far from
> being reduced to ordinary utilities, they are very specifically insuring
> that they can use their immense capital reserves to secure vertical
> monopolies encompassing content, transport, and distribution.

I don't think the telcos understand too much about content, or ever will. 
Their idea of content is either TV, which people can get free anyway, or 
pay-per-view movies, which do not work. People prefer to go to the video 

The Internet is the only place that generates content in abundance, 
completely free.

>         o  strong copyright language and enforcement

Copyright is tearing at the seams when it comes to products of the 
information age. The Lotus/Borland fight demonstrates it. I don't think it 
will be possible to enforce laws that are so widely and easily disobeyed.

>         o  all-the-traffic-will-bear pricing

That's the key point -- with all that extra bandwidth, there will be a 
dramatic fall in prices. If not, once spread-spectrum becomes cheap, 
we'll create our own bandwidth.

>         o  privatization of electromagnetic spectrum

With all the improvements going on in technology, maybe we won't need 
that much. 

>         o  rapid depreciation of cyber investments

I don't understand, please explain.

> No, it won't have
> the dynamism of the net -- not in terms of the democratization of public
> dialog -- but that's one of the primary intended consequences of the new
> regime.

That, I think, is where the telcos will falter. The speed of developments 
on the net will sweep them off their feet, as telephony on the net 
threatens to do.

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