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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996
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Subject: The Netizens Netbook

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996
From: Michael Hauben <•••@••.•••>


The Netizens Netbook

An on-line book titled "Netizens: On the History and Impact of
Usenet and the Internet" by Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben is
available from

This book documents the 30-year development of the Net; Usenet,
ARPANET, Internet, etc. In addition to the history of the Net, we look at
what impact the Net is having on society today. We examine the past and
present in an attempt to help provide perspective for the future of the Net.

The foundation for the Net was established by an academic and
scientific research community. Despite the popular myth, the Net
was not developed by the military. We try to document the
cooperative culture and community that the Net has grown from and

This version is a draft. We welcome comments and suggestions. In
addition, we are looking for a publisher for a print edition. Please
contact us at •••@••.••• and •••@••.•••

        Table of Contents
        Last Modified: 10/21/95

   Preface: What is a Netizen?
   Introduction: Participatory Networks

Part I - The Present: What Has Been Created and How?

   Chapter 1 -The Net and the Netizens:The Effect the Net has on People's Lives
   Chapter 2 - The Evolution of Usenet: The Poor Man's Arpanet
   Chapter 3 - The Social Forces Behind The Development of Usenet
   Chapter 4 - The World of Usenet

Part II - The Past: Where Has It All Come From?

   Chapter 5 - The Vision of Interactive Computing and the Future
   Chapter 6 - Cybernetics, Time-sharing, Human-Computer Symbiosis and
   On-line Communities: Creating a Supercommunity of On-line Communities
   Chapter 7 - Behind the Net: Computer Science and the Untold Story of
   the ARPANET
   Chapter 8 - The Birth and Development of the ARPANET
   Chapter 9 - On the Early History and Impact of UNIX: Tools to Build
   the Tools for a New Millenium. Updated 1/10/96
   Chapter 10 - On the Early Days of Usenet: The Roots of the Cooperative
   Online Culture

Part III - And the Future?

   Chapter 11 - The NTIA Conference on the Future of the Net Creating a
   Prototype for a Democratic Decision Making Process
   Chapter 12 - "Imminent Death of the Net Predicted!"
   Chapter 13 - The Effect of the Net on the Professional News Media: The
   Usenet News Collective and Man-Computer News Symbiosis
   Chapter 14-The Net and the Future of Politics: The Ascendancy of the Commons
   Chapter 15 - Exploring New York City's On-Line Community: A Snapshot
   of NYC.General

Part IV - Contributions Towards Developing a Theoretical Framework

   Chapter 16 - The Expanding Commonwealth of Learning: Printing and the Net
   Chapter 17 - `Arte': An Economic Perspective
   Chapter 18 - The Computer as Democratizer


   Proposed draft Declaration of the Rights of Netizens

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