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I am a newcomer to this list, please forgive me if I'm covering ground
that's been explored.

Marilyn Davis suggested:

>3.  We release our statement to the press by email, explaining our
>decision and our decision-making process.

I think there's a potential problem here.  Part of the reason the Internet
community has so far  had the political impact of a small Girl Scout troop
is the unreasonable faith we have in the power of email to motivate other
people.  We love this tool and therefore we expect others to love it and
respond to it with the same fervor that we have.

The Internet community consist largely of people who spend a lot of time in
front of computer screens where a delay lasting more than say 20 seconds is
a sign of a serious breakdown that needs fixing.  This viewpoint tends to
limit our attention span.  Political and journalistic life is filled with
people who understand that massive political change frequently takes two,
even three weeks and usually involves leaving the room our computers are
located in.  <grin>

I suggest  * FAXing*  the press release to various news outlets, and very
definitely have human beings standing by ready to drop everything they're
doing to explain to reporters completely untrained in the technology or
economics of the Internet why we oppose ISP charges.

I hope this doesn't sound too retro or too pessimistic, but the rest of the
world does not yet move at cyber speed, and probably will not do so for a
long time to come.
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