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>        How about a packet radio network that uses the established
>frequencies more efficiently?  Everyone with a shortwave hooked to a PC
>becomes a node and can pass along or examine packets.

Packet network hardware is a bit costly these days.  It would probably be
easier to have some guy named Earl illegally hook us all up on ethernet.

And then, who'd pay for it all?

Can we get vouchers from the government saying "Well, I can't transfer my
contraband on your neutered Internet.  I have to set up a new network so I
can enjoy my pornography while mixing my explosives and sucking down
illegal cocktails."?

It's unlikely that 'Net users will pay for this stuff on their own.  Doubt
it?  Check into a group like alt.binaries.fonts and see how many people are
looking for bootlegged software.  They're not the minority, they're

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>loft large, disposable balloons with cheap relay
>transmitters that bob around at 100,000 feet (well above flight traffic
>of all but space shuttles and SR-71's).  Space science guys do this often
>and it is well understood.  They pop it, you float another.  Unmolested
>they can stay up for months in the rarified air streams.  Don't use
>metalized mylar and use the clear stuff, put as little metal up as
>possible (transmitters and antennas can be pretty small and still
>powerful).  Use solar cells to maintain batteries as long as possible.
>This would cost so much to thwart that they would have to either end the
>game and declare martial law (kicking off the technocratic/surveillance
>police state early) or back off and allow free expression.  I'd bet on
>the former, but hope for the latter.

You do realize that these ballons would still be in territorial airspace,
where any high flying aircraft could "blunder"  into them. Here's the way I
see it, A NASA research SR-71 (they are the only people who use them now)
"accidentally" rips into one of these "clear stuff" ballons, the plane goes
down in flames from the F.O.D. and kills the pilot and research scientist
aboard (they use the two seat model). Suddenly the national outcry demands
that these revolutionary individualists be hunted down. In the process the
government declares war on the internet and "ta-dah" no more above ground
cyber activity. The net would be declared a free fire zone.

I have no better idea, but hey I can still dissent, right?

"Dont hold it against me that my address is @AOL.COM"

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