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Craig A. Johnson

Date:          Thu, 21 Mar 1996 15:29:26 EST
From:          "W. Curtiss Priest" <•••@••.•••>
Subject:       Re: How many Members of the Joint Federal-State Board is Required
               by Statute
X-To:          "Todd M. La Porte" <•••@••.•••>,

La Porte comments:
>Nicely done!  I hope this goes somewhere!

I had a very odd conversation with Markey's office last year.  It went
like this.

   Curtiss:  Why just one consumer advocate?
              I read the 1934 Act and there should be 50 state reps.
   Colin:  Uum.  That's not how the FCC has done it.  They usually
              pick 6.
   Curtiss:  But I don't understand.  The Act says quite clearly
              that a member from each affected state must be
   Colin:  Don't know.  That's how it's done.
   Curtiss:  If they do chose 50, isn't the one advocate out-numbered?
              Shouldn't the Act say something like 1/3rd of the board
              shall be composed of advocates?
   Colin:  We were lucky to get one appointed!
[conversation ends]


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