Teachers’ forum in Texas [cr-95/11/14]


Pointer from moderator:

A mailing list for teachers and students in Texas is currently
discussing some cyber-rights issues.  They are promoting the use of the
Internet in Texas schools and have to deal with cyberporn scares in
the media.  If you are interested in joining this list, called
armadillo-watch, send a message to •••@••.•••
with no subject line, and put the following in the body:

        sub dillo "your firsname" "your lastname"

Thanks to Don Bass <•••@••.•••> for informing me of the
discussion, as well as telling the armadillo list that we are dealing
with some of their issues on cyber-rights, and to Donald Perkins
<•••@••.•••> of Armadillo's World Wide Web Server for the
following summary of armadillo-watch.


Armadillo-watch has been created to provide teachers and students of Texas
Studies an opportunity to oversee and comment upon the development of
Armadillo, The Texas Studies Gopher. Armadillo is an Internet gopher
server designed to provide instructional resources and information about
Texas natural and cultural history and the Texas environment. Armadillo
has been created to support teachers and students who are interested in
enriching their instruction and study with multimedia material and
Internet resources. Armadillo will also pull into one easily accessible
location many of the pertinant resources that are scattered about the
Internet.  We believe that Armadillo will act as a convenient launching
pad into the Internet and will foster communication between parents,
scholars, teachers, and students across Texas and the worldwide
educational community.

Armadillo facilitates an interdisciplinary course of study with a
rich subject, Texas.  Our teachers and students are interested in
sharing their interpretation and understanding of their own cultural
and natural environments with students who have a different
cultural and natural environment.


In this discussion of Internet Resoucrces we drift across many topics
including appropriate and inappropriate reosurces and how to proceed with
using the Internet even though there might be a bit of inappropriate
material out there.  We've also developed a good page of resources on
Appropriate Use at


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