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On Tue, 14 Nov 1995, Cyber Rights wrote:
> Sender: "Mario Profaca, Freelancer; Zagreb, Croatia" <•••@••.•••>
> Subject: Croatian flag in Cyberspace

 That message of mine posted by Andrew Oram  - •••@••.••• - Moderator
 CYBER-RIGHTS (CPSR) - appeared here too late. In the meantime it already
provoked a sort of flame war in the Cyberspace... :) However, I'm
proud to inform you that I received a friendly message from NATO's Alpha
CCIS Webmaster Johan A. Goossens <goossens@cliffie>. It reads:


Thank you very much for all your constructive comments.
I am sorry I didn't have a change to update the flags yet.
As NATO employees, we have a great deal of interest in
your region and I knew we were out of date.(some have even
called it politically incorrect).

I've been away on a world trip for over two months so
that is why nothing has happend yet. I promise you that
I'll update the flags this week.


P.S. I would like to know which links you use to get to
my server.


So, please, there is no need for another "flame war" on this subject.

Thank you all.

Mario Profaca
*** Mario's Cyberspace Station

 Posted by Andrew Oram  - •••@••.••• - Moderator: CYBER-RIGHTS (CPSR)
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