State actions [cr-95/10/13]


Pointer from moderator:

Discussion is going on in the Computer underground Digest about two
legal activities affecting electronic networks, one in Minnesota and
the other in Michigan.

In Minnesota, the Attorney General has issued a memorandum warning
that any activity that anyone using an electronic network to break a
law in the state can be prosecuted under that law.  Seems reasonable
enough on the surface, and the memorandum focuses on the use of
networks for introducing gambling services into the state.  But
several people on the CuD discussion are afraid it will be used to
prosecute Internet service providers and other innocent people for the
transmission of obscene materials.  You can read the memo on;

or ask me for a copy of the CuD containing it.

In Michigan, the legislator is considering a telecom deregulation act
with many of the flaws of the national one.  There is a Web site about

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