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I like the job you have done.  I'm sure you will receive other comments
by those in the know that will give you additional information you need.
The only error I see (and I'm not sure it was error, maybe Freudian) was
a typo in Problem #4...although I sometimes think the Cable TV companies
are rats also, I think you meant to say "the rates for advanced 
communications."Just a little humor (and I do mean "little") to brighten your 

But I think those "rats" need to be regulated also.  Every time I get a 
notice from my cable company (TCI) that my rates have increased, they blame
it on regulation legislation.  Maybe some people believe that.  The thought
of complete deregulation all at once makes me believe that soon I won't be
able to afford the one luxury I have kept for myself and my children.  If so,
I will learn to live without it, but you are right in that it does widen that
gap.  I believe in widening the gap, we increase resentment between the
diverse economic groups (i.e. the rich and the poor, in different gradations).
This will only lead to strife.

Anyway, I just want to say keep up the good work.  

Thanks for listening.

Connie Page

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