Re: Update on DN Registration [cr-95/9/28]


Sender: Lazlo Nibble <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Domain Fighting

> I am with an organization that has requested a .net domain name from
> Internic. We are a start-up non-profit organization with plans for running
> our own server and providing various Internet services for our members,
> including web page hosting and E-mail forwarding services.

This is a no-brainer.  Unless your organization substantially supports the
network infrastructure in some way you didn't mention, you'll be denied a
place in the .net domain.  I'm curious why you're trying for a .net domain
instead of an .org when the latter seems obviously more appropriate.

> Here is my question. What happens if Internic denies us our .net domain? Do
> we have any legal recourse to compel them to issue a .net name to us?

I doubt it, and my gut reaction is "thank goodness" -- NSI has more important
things to do than play Domain Ego Tag.

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