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>On November 21, RAND, a nonprofit policy research and analysis organization,
>released a report called Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and
>Societal Implications.  The report includes the following policy
>*       that the United States address the ever-widening gaps in access to
>         e-mail.
>*       that we develop simple means to provide e-mail to every citizen.

Looks like RAND has seconded my motion.  However, I don't think
there's any good reason to omit cheap universal access to other low
bandwidth ("low" defined in terms of relative contribution to
congestion, or in general terms, usage of a resource which doesn't
contribute significantly to scarcity of the resource for others)
uses of the net, such as most web pages and low priority ftp.

AND DON'T FORGET THE FLAT RATE PRICING.  Sorry to yell, but I still
haven't heard anyone acknowledge the importance of maintaining a zero
marginal cost for sending and receiving educational and civic info.

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