New location for Web page [cr-95/11/22]


Note from moderator:

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility just gave us a new,
more official site for the Cyber Rights Web and ftp files.  The old
links you may have to Henry Huang's system or mine still work.  But if
you tell other people about the site, please give them this URL for
the Web page:

and this one for the ftp archive:

Cyberjournal's archive is at:

None of this makes any difference to our day-to-day talk.  But it's an
affirmation that we're doing something useful for CPSR, and a reminder
that this group helps to make policy for CPSR and promote its work.
Those of you who criticize the policy are helpful too, because you
enable us to correct mistakes or to develop sharper arguments for what
we believe in.  Thank you, everybody.  For those celebrating American
Thanksgiving tomorrow--have a nice meal.


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