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Hey world,

On this issue of metaphors, the one that comes to my mind is
superspeedway; a gigantic racetrack upon which drivers are jockeying for
position in order to lap the field. Like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,
few have access to this racetrack and fewer have the equipment &  skill to
be competitive on it. There are certainly Roger Penske's on this race
track who not only dominate it, but own it as well.I personally just
want to be some somewhere in the pack with nothing but clear track ahead
of me.

A good paper on this topic of metaphors is Dr. Harmeet Sawhney's
"Metaphors and Midwives" which looks takes a historical look at how
various technologies were metaphorized to gain acceptance.I don't know
if this paper is available on the World Wide Web, but i'll check with him
and find out...


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