Re: From shopping malls to the information highway [cr-95/10/7]


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Allan Bradley and I are on the same wavelength.  I do not agree, however,
that "how we debate technological issues is irrelevant to the fact that
technology will be with us," or words to that extent.  The discourse we
enter has much to do with how we are permitted to consider option and, in
fact, what options we are permitted to consider.  The clumsy methods we
now have for debating these issues -- for example, the many newsgroups,
like this one, to which we must tune to get oppositional points of view
-- is testimony to the power of control over discourse.  The "reform
legislation" in the Congress would have a much different look if it were
in the common parlance and not limited to that which the powers in the
legislature deem adequate.

Bob Jacobson

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