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> Folks:
> Give up on the Magna Carta.  It's dead, dead, dead.  There was no attempt to
> discuss it at this year's event and there is no plan to revive it.  It was a
> camel (horse designed by committee) to begin with and it will never get any
> better.  Textual analysis of such an abortion may be of  medical interest
> but is not intellectually worthwhile.
> The fact that someone with no connection to these events, who has only read
> the document (yes, Richard Moore) and has spent so much time criticizing it,
> is only a reflection of his bad judgement and/or a lack of more important
> resposibilties.  Don't treat his analysis as informed discourse.

  This post hould be named "Stahlman on the Stump Again" to get the full
flavor of his galloping charge into the night.  What nonsense.  To
complain about Richard's thoughtful paper, obviously written to encourage
informed discourse, simply to complain because it discusses a subject that
Stallman thinks he has some more internalized and scandalized version, is
pathetic nonsense.

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