There is No Revolution Without Revolutionaries [cr-95/9/13]


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Subject: Re: There is No Revolution Without Revolutionaries (Wrapped)

Well, I can agree with Mark Stahlman's discussion of technocracy and
the eternal search by those in power or seeking it to discover tools
--and the justifications necessary to use them--capable of seizing
and holding power.  The current noise level is just way, way too high,
filled with all sorts of democratic pronouncements intermingled with
appeals to self-surrender and truly anti-democratic initiatives (like
the FBI/CIA/NSA/Corporate American preoccupation with firewalls and
security for them, swiss cheese for everyone else).  Mark's treatment
of socialism is a bit fuzzier and ultimately detracts from his cause.
I don't see any real socialists on the Aspen guestlist (not that I
expected to).  Identifying the Newtniks and the Digital Gods as a 
threat makes more sense than yelling at socialists who are virtually
absent in the American context despite considerable social success in
Western Europe.

Of course, identifying Newt and his crowd as socialists of a different
color might not be far off the mark, but then Mark, let's be specific.

Bob Jacobson

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