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I was told recently by a friend that if I wanted to know the truth about
something, to "turn off the sound and watch the picture".  Since the sound
levels are so high (as stated by Bob Jacobson), this might be good advice.
High sound levels are distracting, but that is the whole point.  When
children yell, it is to distract me from what I am doing to what they want me
to pay attention to.  I believe that a lot of what we hear from the media is
the same; we need to pay attention to some, and disregard the rest.  I am my
own best filter.

Thanks for listening.

Connie Page


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Subject: Re: There is No Revolution Without Revolutionaries [cr-95/9/13]

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> To complain about Richard's thoughtful paper, obviously written to 
> encourage informed discourse, simply to complain because it discusses a 
> subject that Stallman thinks he has some more internalized and 
> scandalized version, is pathetic nonsense.

You're a bit rough, but basically right. Mark doesn't seem interested in 
discussing ideas and proposals (unless they're his); he may be right that 
the MC is dead -- I'm not gonna cry -- but it still expresses the views 
and intentions of people who have quite a bit of say over what the New 
Media may become, so a dissection like Richard's keeps most of its value.

BTW, I read most of the online content of the Aspen summit, and among all 
the dross there is some food for thought, and a few insights, there. I may 
be back later on this -- time permitting.

Yves Leclerc          Dead-End Democracy? or open-ended government...
Montreal, Quebec

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