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>In an online vote, the polls can be open for days or weeks before
>election day.  People can vote at their leisure and change their votes
>when a new scandal is exposed.  The server won't divulge the tally
>until the vote closes.  Continual voting like this stimulates
>discussion and eliminates the electronic log-jam that results from
>single-event electronic polling.

    Assuming that online voting will work technically, and I am not tech savvy
enough to say either way, in the current atmosphere you are going to need some
kind of hook to get people to change the way they vote, given they even vote at
all. This idea of changing their vote as the campaign proceeds may do it.
    Why is there a log-jam? Because most people are like I was pre-net, they are
catching a sound byte during dinner and maybe picking up on part of one of the
debates. I'll vote, but around my work schedule. It is a last minute thing.
    And discussion? Hmmmm....maybe with my family and friends. I don't really
have time to get in the heat of it with anyone else. But if it is attractive in
some way, maybe I will reconsider.
    So hype the difference, make it cool. Instead of "Rock the Vote" lets
"Electrify the Vote". (Geez, do we have to pack everything in a commercial?)

    BTW, which presidential candidate will be the one to take, live, debate
questions via the net?
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