Re: Scientology causes seizure of FACTNet system [cr-95/8/25]


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I have been educated and enlightened by Mr. Schreibman's posts to this group,
and sincerely hope he will continue his participation.  We seem to be of one
mind on many issues.

If I had received such crude mail, I would want it to be posted also, if for no
other reason than to prove a point.  Thank you for the posting.  If I am 
ashamedto post something publicly, then I shouldn't post it privately, either.  
I wouldhave been ashamed to post such a vulgar note, either way.  A good way to 
such crudity in private postings is to enforce self-censorship by publicly
posting such material with author's name attached.  Since I know that none of
my e-mail missives are "copyright" material, I am careful about what I write.
Self-discipline and respect for others would make censorship unnecessary, but I
suppose that is an idealistic dream.  I do know that we, as a community and as
individuals, are only as sick as our deepest, darkest secrets.

I am surprised that my posting did not receive the same reaction as Mr.
Schreibman's posting, since I also was appalled at the FACTnet post.  But
Mr. Schreibman wrote much more intelligently, and intelligence is always more
threatening, I suppose.  Again, I hope to hear more of his thoughts.

Thanks for listening.

Connie Page

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