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> I share your concerns over "monopoly capitalism." Trouble is,
> alternatives attempted by the East Bloc or other socialist countries,
> particularly in the developing world, are largely perceived to have
> failed. These caused "inequities, misery, and violence" too, whereas the
> capitalist systems at least had the benefit of raising standards of
> living (e.g. the Asian Tigers). Hardly surprising that more and more
> countries are gravitating to the capitalist system.

  I have stated many times before that the socialist and capitalist
ideologies are similar with regard to their satisfaction of the desire of
leaders for the exercise unilateral control from the top.  Capitalism may
be an improvement over Soviet style socialism, and therefore, a welcome
shift by East block nations but neither of these systems of governance
works to serve the well being of the people.  The latter is designed to
pimarily serve the BOTTOM LINE of the mega-corporations.  The democratic
way is the only form of governance that can draw the most creative effort,
commitment, and loyalty of the people but, alas, democracy does not come
easy, it arises only with the enlightened good will of the people.

  Primative people and contemporary management science have found this
understanding, why can't the rest of us learn from the best of us?

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