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Law of the Internet:  Compliance in Cyberspace
November 15-16, 1995 - Stouffer Renaissance Hotel - Arlington, VA - $949

At this conference, you will gain a clearer understanding of the emerging
area of "cyberlaw"  and it's many elements.  See how legal guidelines are
being adapted to the growing Internet, and how they will affect you as you do
business and communicate via the Internet.

-Learn about copyright law and intellectual property rights, and how they
are being applied to industries like publishing and multimedia;

-Examine the basics of communications law, and how these laws are being
rewritten by the technology of the Internet, as well as how they will impact
people like access providers and others who operate on the Internet;

-Discuss security concerns, including available and developing technologies
for protecting your information and funds, as well as the concept of
"privacy" in such an open forum;

-Understand the electronic signature, and discuss the future of on-line
transactions and contracts, and;

-Explore the hottest issues affecting everyone who operates on the
Internet...libel, defamation and freedom of speech.

Introduction to the Internet
November 14, 1995 - Stouffer Renaissance Hotel - Arlington, VA - $399

This course is designed for professionals with a basic understanding of
personal computers.

You will learn:

-What is the Internet and how it can be used to obtain information valuable
to your business;

-What equipment and capabilities (hardware and software) are needed to access
and use the services provided on the Information Superhighway;

-Which access methods are available, including on-line services (i.e.
Compuserve, America On-line, etc.) and commercial access providers;

-How to access Internet resources like electronic Bulletin Board Services
(BBSs), World Wide Web sites, government sources, and other databases, many
of which are free;

-and, much more.

If you need more information or to register for the course(s) send email to
•••@••.••• or call us at (301) 921-2345.

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