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> debunking the ideas of monopoly capitalism.  The only defense against this
> plague on our lives, however, is democracy: empowerment of the individual
> People seem to
> be hopelessly stuck in the old self-interest, marketplace, monopoly
> capitalist ideology, which is destroying the democraic mission and
> drowning the whole civilization in inequities, misery, and violence
> without end.

I share your concerns over "monopoly capitalism." Trouble is,
alternatives attempted by the East Bloc or other socialist countries,
particularly in the developing world, are largely perceived to have
failed. These caused "inequities, misery, and violence" too, whereas the
capitalist systems at least had the benefit of raising standards of
living (e.g. the Asian Tigers). Hardly surprising that more and more
countries are gravitating to the capitalist system.

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> >          Cyberspace Inc and the Robber Baron Age
> The current consensus view of economists is that the 19th century "trusts"
> were generally pro-consumer and breaking them up was anti-consumer.

  There is no such consensus anywhere but in the diseased minds of the
monopoly capitalists wishing to return to "the good old days" of fascist
America.  Two sides to the story, of course.  The monopolists had their
story, and then there was everyone else.

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