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>So -- if someone makes "kiddie porn" available on America On-Line, it's
>national news...but when it's available for sale on every newsstand in the
>country, nobody says a word about it?  No wonder computer users feel
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Lazlo makes an excellent point here. I think he has noticed the double
standard here. RUN WITH IT!

Our govt is trying to sterilize the Internet. If it can over-regulate it
and provide an environment for big business to make money off it, and
possibly impart its use as a sterilized utility, money can be made, power
can continue to be centralized and power can remain in the hands of those
who already have it.

They are panic stricken with the notion that every Senator has a VCR with
12:00 falshing and they have heard dramaticized stories about the things
that occur on the Internet. Does the word hysteria ring a bell? No? How
about the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast that NOBODY questioned and
sent cities into a localized hysteria.

A little knowlege is a dangerous thing. And believe me our Reps have very
little and they are therefore very dangerous.


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