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This is pretty evocative historically.  Many of the Dutch people (non-Jews),
and I believe their royal family, chose to wear yellow stars during the Nazi
occupation. Interesting that this tradition of resistance carries on.
>On the topic of civil disobedience, an interesting challenge is going
>on in the Netherlands regarding the Church of Scientology.  As you
>remember from earlier postings, they came with the police to the
>Internet provider XS4ALL and made it remove a file that a user had put
>up on its system and which the Church claimed was a copyright
>violation.  (In fact, it's a transcript of a court record and the
>people posting it claim that it is in the public domain.)
>When hearing of this, other Internet users around the country started
>making the file available.  They made sure to use multiple access
>providers so it would be seen as a general statement of principle
>across the Internet.  I have some postings about this campaign; email
>me if you want them.

Sandra Bernstein

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