Announcements [cr-95/10/11]


Pointers from moderator:

I have made public my anti-censorship Web page with the D.H. Lawrence
quote.  Please tell everybody you know who might be sympathetic; I
think it's a useful contribution to the debate because it's broad and
up-to-date.  You can get to it from the regular Cyber-Rights home

and Henry is updating his page too:

If you think there's a need for a text version of this page (for
email) or a PostScript version (for distributing hard copies) let me
know.  It's a lot of work, but I'll consider it.

Thanks to everybody who contributed information and ideas,
particularly Craig Johnson.


A call for papers recently went out for the following conference.  Let
me know if you'd like the full announcement.  A Web page is at:

  INET'96, the 6th Annual Conference of the Internet Society focusing on
  worldwide issues of Internet networking will be held 25-28 June 1996 in
  Montreal, Canada.  This conference brings together those extending the
  reach and use of Internet networks.  Participants include those developing
  and implementing Internet networks, applications, and policies for
  worldwide infrastructure development.  The development of Internet
  networks in an ever wider variety of social, cultural, economic and
  linguistic contexts is also a focal point of this conference.


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