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Yes, I saw a WSJ article about this High-Tech alliance :
>A group of high-tech companies, including IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, MCI, America
>Online, Netscape Communications, Time Warner and Viacom, is forming an
>alliance to fight cyberporn.  The group will be coordinated by the
>Massachusetts Institute of Technology's World Wide Web Consortium, which
>will act as an "umbrella organization to prevent industry infighting," says
>one executive.  "It's aimed at creating a standard that all the software
>companies can develop for."  A separate project involving Microsoft,
>Netscape, SurfWatch Software and Progressive Networks will be folded into
>the new effort.  (Wall Street Journal 8 Sep 95 A3)

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>Did anyone else hear about Microsoft and others (IBM and maybe apple as
>well as other software companies) teaming up to look into creating some
>sort of policing effort for the web and other internet services?    Does
>anyone else have more details.  It was a quick sound bite on CNN Headline
>news a couple of days ago.

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