re: LIST MODERATION [cr-951207]


Richard Moore

Dear CR,

The bad news is that Andy Oram was hit by a car and suffered several broken
limbs, the good news is that he's home and recovering.  That's why the list
has been silent for the past week -- and a critical week it has been.

Evidently legislators have been busy putting the Exon back into their
drafts.  I'll be posting the highest priority items over the next few days,
although some of them will be past their act-by date.

Mail to "cyber-rights" won't be received until Andy recovers, so urgent
postings should be sent to me at •••@••.••• for the time

Let's not flood Andy's mailbox (•••@••.•••), but a few words of
encouragement would I'm sure be appreciated -- put PERSONAL in the subject
line, as his inbox will probably be overflowing when he first logs in.


 Posted by Richard K. Moore (•••@••.•••) Wexford, Ireland
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