Re: Cyber Baron Age [cr-95/11/25]


Richard Moore

David Cloutman wrote:
>Lets face it, industry generated documents, such as this "Magna Carta" are
>really the death cries of corporations who have failed to adapt to the
>changing world. We can only hope that people will wise up and ignore
>them. If we are to do anything about the corporate takeover of Cyberspace
>TM, then it importent that we work on a grassroots level to educate our
>friends, families and neighbors (physical and virtual) as to the source
>of this propaganda campaign that streaches from the Captains of industry
>to the oval office itself.

David - Please elaborate a bit about this failure of corporations to adapt
-- sorry, but I see just the opposite, and would welcome any encouraging
evidence for your claim.  And if they're failing to adapt, why would we
need to work at a grassroots level?  The success of their propaganda
campaign would be, I believe, evidence of their ability to adapt to and
capitalize on changing times.


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