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> Subject: Jonathan Weber on diversity of content [cr-95/11/26]
> Weber makes another minor point.  All the new graphic capabilities and
> complicated programming techniques are beginning to differentiate
> low-cost sites from high-cost ones, and possibly draw attention away
> from deserving non-profits and grassroots efforts toward glitzy
> entertainment companies.  Once I again, in my opinion, we have to let
> people know where the real fun lies.

Well put, chief !

I admit to being drawn to attractive, professional-
looking graphics, but those aren't so tough nowadays.

Aside #1: the fanciest graphics are often impediments.

Aside #2: sort of like, dot-matrix letters aren't really
acceptable any more, but laser printers are affordable
and widespread, so it's not such an issue.  the same with
web graphics -- lots of people can put together something
very presentable, without spending inordinate amounts of
time and/or money.

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