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Cyber Righters,

I honestly believe that AT&T's decision to become an ISP was planned long 
ago. While I am not a lobbyist or a journalist, I have no doubt that they 
bought the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996 and that monopolization 
of the Internet was part of the plan. Even if Reed Hundt and the FCC 
limit their market share here in America, it won't matter. They have such 
huge international business that they essentially will be the Internet 
even if they don't actually own the nodes. As I see it, there is no way 
that America Online, Compuserve, IQuest and others will be able to match 
the AT&T offer; So, they will have to find niche markets such as catering 
to graphic artists. I hate to see the return of monopolization, but we 
knew that was coming sooner or later.


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